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boiler-replacementBoilers work hard to keep our homes heated and warm and supplied with hot water. So it shouldn’t be surprising that eventually they become unreliable and certain parts start to wear out. Even if you have boiler cover that pays for the cost of these repairs, you’ll still reach a stage when your existing boiler is no longer able to be repaired.

Some boilers may even become dangerous to use: older boilers can emit carbon monoxide which is deadly. This is why regular boiler servicing is so important – even if your boiler appears to be working fine, it could be releasing deadly gases or be on its way out.

Why should you consider a boiler replacement?

If your boiler is particularly old or inefficient it is wise to think about having it replaced. The older it gets the more likely it becomes that it will start releasing carbon monoxide into your home. Regular servicing will make it last longer and cut down on the odds of having problems with excessive emissions, but it won’t make it any more efficient than it was when you bought it.

New boilers are much better than their older counterparts, providing much better value for money owing to their increased efficiency. So while the boiler and the installation need to be paid for, once you have your new boiler you will enjoy lower heating bills and much more efficient heating and hot water supplies for your home.

Don’t leave it until your existing boiler breaks down completely and leaves you with no heating or hot water. Take the initiative and take advantage of a modern and highly efficient new boiler today.

In most cases the boiler you will have will be a condensing boiler. However if you have a hot water tank elsewhere in your home you’ll probably opt for a conventional boiler. If you don’t have (or don’t want) a hot water tank then a combi boiler will be the best choice. This provides the power for your heating system as well as to heat your water whenever needed. It’s worth bearing in mind that a combi boiler is traditionally cheaper to fit too.